Prosecco 950 Extra Dry Doc Treviso

Type: Prosecco and Sparkling Wines
Degree: 11,0%
Cultivation: The vines are grown using the Sylvoz system, with a growing density of 3,300 plants per hectare.
Winemaking Process: The free-run must obtained from the first soft pressing of the grapes is fermented at the controlled temperature of 16 °C, to preserve the freshness and fragrance typical of Prosecco. The wine is then transferred to an autoclave, to make it sparkle using the Charmat method, and finally bottled.
Average Yield: 150 q/HA
Pairings: A chalice of this wine is ideal as an aperitif with the entire range of light appetizers, and pairs elegantly with seafood dinners.
Serving Temperature: 6-8°C

A sparkling wine with a deep straw color, it has a fine and persistent perlage, as well as a delicately fruity aroma like Golden apple and a light hint of exotic fruit and herbs.