Pinot Grigio DOC Delle Venezie


Type: White Wines
Degree: 12,5%
Cultivation: The vines are grown using the double arched cane system, with a growing density of 4.000 plants per hectare.
Winemaking Process: The grapes are softly pressed. Fermentation of the must starts in thermo conditioned tanks where the temperature never exceeds 16 °C. It must sit with its noble lees until bottling.
Average Yield: 130 q/HA
Pairings: The wine pairs well with herb and fish risottos, as well as with light white meat and fish appetizers.
Serving Temperature: 10-12°C

This wine features an elegant light straw yellow colour with copper glints. Its distinctive fragrance is reminiscent of the summer countryside during haymaking. Its taste is round and elegant, and resembles the flavor of bread crust.