Raboso Passito IGT Veneto


Type: Passiti
Degree: 15,0%
Cultivation: The vines are grown using the Guyot system, with a growing density of 4.200 plants per hectare.
Winemaking Process: The grapes are harvested and placed on racks where they are left to wither and dry for almost three months depending on the weather conditions in a special area of our winery. In December we proceed to crush the grapes and the must is left in contact with its marc for about ten days. The product obtained is then slowly fermented for twenty more days and subsequently placed in small wooden barrels. It is bottled only when it reaches the right degree of maturation.
Average Yield: 70 q/HA
Pairings: Meditation wine that pairs well with dry pastries and aged cheese.
Serving Temperature: 16-18°C

Ruby red colour with garnet hues and with an intense flavours of mature fruits like marasca cherry. The palate is sweet and velvety.