Raboso Frizzante IGT Veneto


Type: Fizzy and Rosé
Degree: 11,5%
Cultivation: The vines are grown using the Sylvoz system, with a growing density of 3.500 plants per hectare.
Winemaking Process: The must is left to ferment in contact with the skins for 4-5 days. Special attention is paid during the punching-down and pumping-over processes, which aim at extracting the colour while at the same time not enriching the wine with astringent tannins.
Average Yield: 120 q/HA
Pairings: It is excellent served between meals, and pairs pleasantly with fast and fresh dishes, salami, cold cuts, and soft cheeses.
Serving Temperature: 10-12°C

The wine smells like wild strawberries and has a pleasantly acidulous taste.