Creativo Prosecco Brut Doc Treviso

Type: Prosecco and Sparkling Wines
Degree: 11%
Cultivation: The vines are grown using the double arched cane system, with a growing density of 3,500 plants per hectare.
Winemaking Process: Once they have reached the ideal ripeness, the best grapes are collected and cold-macerated for several hours. Subsequently, they are softly pressed and the must obtained is fermented with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature. After fermentation, the wine obtained is left to rest in steel barrels until a second fermentation, which takes place in an autoclave using the Charmat method. Only after a few months of autoclave maturation is the bottling actually done.
Average Yield: 150 q/HA
Pairings: It is the ideal wine for aperitifs and toasts; it pairs magnificently with raw shellfish.
Serving Temperature: 6-8°C

Bright straw yellow color, fine and persistent perlage, fragrances of flowers and white-pulp fruit. When tasted, the wine is dry, fresh, fine and well balanced.