Collezione: Passiti

The wine features a shining amber colour. Its fragrance brings to mind ripe yellow fruit, fig and honey. The palate reveals marvellous sensations of sweetness, softness and warmth.

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The grapes are harvested by hand and placed on racks. They are left to wither and dry for a few months in the open air in a special area of our winery. In December we proceed to crush the grapes, and the product obtained is then fermented for a few months. After fermentation, the wine is left in small wooden barrels (5 hl) for 12 months. It is bottled only when it reaches the right degree of maturation.

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  • Designation
    Passito wine
  • Typology
  • Alcohol content
  • Cultivation
    Pinot Noir and Verduzzo vineyards
  • Pairings
    The wine pairs well with blue cheese, aged cheese, and pâté de fois gras. It is also excellent enjoyed on its own.
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