Give love, get love - Vittorino’s secret and philosophy of the grapes.

The vineyard covers 80 hectares in what is considered one of the best historical wine regions in the Po Valley, not far from Venice. We are symbolically tied to the area and the land is strong and unbreakable. 

Give love, receive love – that is the secret of Vittorino’s grapes.  This philosophy is his secret: respect for the environment and the protection of the land and its landscapes, are the guiding principles behind the Rigoni company, which holds as fundamental aspects of social and environmental well-being, based on equality and sustainability.

Its prime location, the diverse soil characteristics of the area, combined with a microclimate and deep knowledge of the techniques of cultivation, make the land suitable to enhance the character of the different varieties. 

The vineyards of Cessalto, near the river Piavon, an ancient branch of the Piave, are ideal for the production of white wines of distinction.  From here the grapes grow from soil that enhances their flavor, freshness and its long-lasting aromatic qualities.  The vineyards of Motta di Livenza on Ca’ Lunghetta, an ancient Roman road, are characterized by heavy clay soils, rich in minerals, and perfect for the production of great red wines. 

"Day-colored wine, night-colored wine, wine with purple feet or wine with topaz blood, wine,starry child of earth..."
Pablo Neruda